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Tag: 5 minute bedtime stories

A long, long time ago, in a country of clouds and legends, lived a king named Uther. When the throne of this country was emptied, the kingdom was left without king or castling, because princes and cou

One night, before going to bed, Luisa’s father mourned: “We are happy, we lack nothing, but I do not understand why I always have the impression that we lack anything.” The mother thought for a moment and said: – It is true! I have the same impression. I think what we lack is a pet. […]
A Mandarin preparing to hold an important official position was visited by a friend who came to say goodbye. They embraced and their friend recommended to him: Above all, in the performance of your important duties, never lose your temper. He promised the Mandarin that he would never forget this precious advice. Three times the […]
They named the puppy “Taxi”. With so many names available, they soon chose this one! But he didn’t care. “Taxi,” they called. And he would come, giving his tail, always happy. But they were the poor owners. They liked to play with the puppy, because they did, but when they saw him grow into a […]
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