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Category: Short Stories

“The 10 Lines Short Stories With Moral Guidance” by Lucien Piccard is a collection of short stories about people and their problems. It is a beautiful example of English prose and the beautiful language of the French. These stories are short and often funny and address critical issues. You Might Like Stories With A Good […]
Andersen fairy tales This can be the princess and the pea story. Once upon an occasion, there was an effective princess who had been used to receiving what she desired.She acknowledged practically nothing below the ideal, and she needed outright the very best on her behalf kid.She only clothed him in the greatest matches, only […]

A long, long time ago, in a country of clouds and legends, lived a king named Uther. When the throne of this country was emptied, the kingdom was left without king or castling, because princes and cou

– Oh no! AGAIN vegetable soup! complained the old wolf. “I wish I had a little sheep here at the table.” It was already a beautiful lamb stew! This is when…. Thirteen! Who knocked on the door was a beautiful little sheep! – I can enter? she asked. – Of course my dear! The house […]

One night, before going to bed, Luisa’s father mourned: “We are happy, we lack nothing, but I do not understand why I always have the impression that we lack anything.” The mother th

In the castle of Trolaró lived many warriors. They were marquises, dukes, counts, barons… They didn’t know how to work, they just thought about fighting. The peasants worked for them: they gave them everything they needed to eat and even the oil for their shining armor. On the day of the great celebration of the […]
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