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Category: Animal Stories

This is an amazing animals story in english. Once upon a time, an eagle befriended a fox. Soon both of them became extremely close. They became so close that they decided to build homes next to each other. As a result, the eagle built its nest near the bushes where the fox lived. They were […]
This is The Monkey And The Turtle story for kids, which has been adapted from a Filipino folktale. One day, a monkey stood by the river and watched a turtle, who was busy pulling a huge tree against the river’s tides. “What is this turtle trying to do?” the monkey wonders. Soon, the turtle makes […]

This is an amazing animal story with moral for kids. Once upon a time, long ago, in a forest all the animals were hungry and thirsty. You see, that year the rain had failed to come and therefore, the

This is one of the best animals stories for kids. In a deep, dense jungle, there lived a lion. He was known for his great power. Undoubtedly, he was strong and had mighty claws and teeth but he had one big problem. He was terrified by the cocking of the rooster. “Can life be worth […]
This is The Woodcutter And The Tiger story for kids. This story is inspired by the Korean folklore.  Once upon a time, a woodcutter encountered a tiger in the woods. The woodcutter was too good at building new stories. As he feared that he would soon be the tiger’s dinner, he said “You must be my […]
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