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A Caterpillar’s Voice

Once upon a time, there was this Caterpillar just chillin’ on a nice sunny day, and he stumbles upon this cool-lookin’ cave. Caterpillar checks it out, peeks inside, and goes, “Whoa, this place seems nice and empty. Imma head on in!” So, he makes his way inside.

Inside the cave, Caterpillar crawls up on a rock and takes a little nap. Meanwhile, Hare, who lives in that cave, was out for a stroll. When Hare comes back and sees these weird marks on the ground, it startles Caterpillar, and he blurts out in a super loud voice, “Hey there, it’s me! The one who squishes rhinos into the ground and smashes elephants to bits!”

Hare starts hoppin’ around all freaked out, thinkin’, “What’s a tiny creature like me supposed to do against a beast who crushes rhinos and elephants?”

Then along comes Jackal. Hare goes, “Hey, Jackal, somebody’s crashin’ at my place! Can you help me out?” Jackal’s like, “Sure thing, I got your back.” He goes up to the cave and barks like crazy, “Who’s in Hare’s crib?” Caterpillar shouts back with that same booming voice, “It’s me! The one who stomps rhinos and elephants!”

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Jackal hears that and thinks, “No way I’m messin’ with this thing!” and bolts as fast as he can.

Next up, it’s Leopard’s turn. Hare fills Leopard in on the whole story, and Leopard’s like, “I’m bigger and louder than Jackal.” Leopard marches up to the cave door and yells, “Who’s in Hare’s place?” Caterpillar hollers back, and this time even Leopard’s taken aback. He thinks, “If this dude’s squishing rhinos and elephants, I don’t want no part of that!” and sprints off.

Then Rhino comes strollin’ by, flexing his muscles. He goes up to Hare’s cave, snorts, and stomps the ground with his huge feet. But when he asks who’s in there and hears Caterpillar’s reply, he’s like, “Nope, this ain’t for me! I’m outta here!” and charges off through the forest.

Even Elephant tries to step up, but when he gets the lowdown on Caterpillar’s skills, he’s like, “I don’t wanna be turned into dust either!” and takes off in a hurry.

A Caterpillar's Voice

Hare’s pullin’ her fur out, not knowin’ what to do. Then Frog hops on by and asks what’s goin’ on. Hare spills the beans, and Frog’s like, “Maybe I can help.” Hare’s skeptical, sayin’, “Jackal tried, Leopard tried, even Rhino and Elephant tried. None of them could do anything.”

Frog’s not bothered, though. He’s like, “Let me give it a shot.” Jackal, Leopard, Rhino, and Elephant all return when they hear their names being thrown around. They’re laughin’ at Frog, sayin’, “You’re way too small to help!”

Hare defends Frog, saying, “Why not let him try?” So, Frog heads up to the cave entrance and asks who’s in there. Caterpillar responds the same as before. But Frog isn’t fazed; he gets closer and shouts, “I’m the strongest of ’em all! I’m the one who crushes those who mess with rhinos and stomps on those who step on elephants!”

Caterpillar inside the cave gets all jittery, sees Frog’s shadow creeping in, and thinks, “Man, I’m just a caterpillar!” So he inches his way out of Hare’s cave, hoping nobody will notice him. But they sure do!

Caterpillar acts all snooty, saying, “I’d never dream of hangin’ in that cave! An echo like that ain’t fit for a fancy fella like me!” As Caterpillar struts away, all the other animals have a good laugh over the trouble a little critter caused. Follow us

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