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The little sheep that came for dinner

– Oh no! AGAIN vegetable soup! complained the old wolf. “I wish I had a little sheep here at the table.” It was already a beautiful lamb stew!

This is when…. Thirteen!

Who knocked on the door was a beautiful little sheep!

– I can enter? she asked.

– Of course my dear! The house is yours! You came just at dinner time, ”said the wolf, who, besides being an old man, was also very cunning…

The little sheep was full of cold.

– BRRRR! BRRRR! – made her shiver.

– What a bad luck mine! whispered the wolf. “I soon found a frozen sheep!” I don’t like food like that! …

Then the wolf remembered to put the sheep by the fire for her warmth and hurriedly went to find his favorite recipe for lamb stew.

Mnham mnham! … His mouth watered at the thought of his delicious meal.

But it wasn’t just the wolf that was hungry. The belly of the little sheep was already giving hours…

– What a bad luck mine! thought the wolf. “I can’t eat a starving sheep!” It could even hurt my stomach!

Then the wolf offered the little sheep a carrot.

– So I already have stuffed lamb!

The little sheep devoured the carrot so quickly that she sobbed.

– HIC, HIC, HIC! she would do nonstop.

– Oh, oh! My bad luck! wailed the wolf. “Who eats a little sheep full of hiccups?” It can even be contagious!

The problem was, the wolf didn’t notice any hiccups. How did you end them?

“What if I threw the sheep in the air?”

– HIC!

But it did not work.

“What if I turned her around?”

– HIC!

But it did not work.

“What if I shook her from side to side?”

But it didn’t work either.

Then the wolf took the sheep in his lap and began to pat him on the back with his huge hairy paw!

The little sheep’s sobs soon passed and she fell asleep in a moment, curled around the wolf’s neck.

The wolf, who was already old, was very embarrassed because he had never been hugged for his future dinner. And as might be expected, hunger, after all, was no longer so much…

The little sheep snored softly against the wolf’s ears.


– My bad luck! complained the wolf. “How am I going to eat a snoring sheep?”

The wolf sat in the rocking chair by the fire with the little sheep in his arms.

“I don’t even remember the last time someone pampered me!” recognized the wolf.

But as soon as the wolf began to smell the little sheep, he was delighted with its scent!

– OHHH! sighed the wolf. “If I ate her fast she wouldn’t even notice.”

And when the wolf was about to swallow the little sheep… she woke up and gave her a big kiss! CHUAC!

– NOOOOO! he shouted. – That’s not fair! I’m a big bad wolf and you’re a stew!

– A canned one? asked the smiling sheep. He confessed, “I don’t know what that is!”

– What do I do for my life ?! exclaimed the wolf. – Well, you’ll really have to leave!

Very resolute, the wolf put the sheep in the street, but first gave him a coat.

– I FEEL YOU HERE !!! – shouted. – If you stay, I eat you and then you can no longer regret it.

And with a loud crash shut the door. BANG!

Outside, the night was dark and cold. And the little sheep kept knocking on the door.

– Oh, Loobo! Looobo? she begged. – Let me in!

But the wolf, who was already old, covered his ears with his paws and began to sing “LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA, LA!” until the little sheep is silent.

Finally, everything was silent.

“Good thing she’s gone!” sighed the relieved wolf. – Here she wasn’t safe. A hungry old wolf like me is always capable of the worst!

But soon after, the wolf began to think of the sheep, alone and helpless in the darkness of the forest.

– Maybe she gets lost…

– Maybe die of cold….

– Maybe fall into the clutches of an animal…

– OH NO! WHAT DID I DO? he asked regretfully.

Not wasting any time, the wolf stood and opened the door. But unfortunately there was no sign of the sheep.

The old wolf ran screaming through the woods outside:

– Little sheep, little sheep, come back, don’t be afraid! I promise I won’t eat you!

After a long, long time, the sad, soaked old wolf returned to his farm alone. I was really down.

He opened the door and, to his amazement, when he saw the little sheep by the fire!

– BACK! It is really you? You have nowhere else to go? asked the very euphoric wolf.

And the little sheep shook her head, saying no.

“What … that … do you want to stay here with … me?” he invited the wolf to stutter.

The little sheep looked at him, eyes to eyes.

“And you promise not to eat me?” she wanted to know.

– NOT! OF COURSE NOT! he said. How could I eat a little sheep that needs me? I could even be heartbroken…

The little sheep smiled and threw herself into the arms of the old wolf.

– Are you hungry, canned? he asked. – How about a vegetable soup? Steve Smallman The Little Sheep Who Came for Dinner Lisbon, Dinalivro, 2006

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