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Category: Short Stories

A Mandarin preparing to hold an important official position was visited by a friend who came to say goodbye. They embraced and their friend recommended to him: Above all, in the performance of your important duties, never lose your temper. He promised the Mandarin that he would never forget this precious advice. Three times the […]
They named the puppy “Taxi”. With so many names available, they soon chose this one! But he didn’t care. “Taxi,” they called. And he would come, giving his tail, always happy. But they were the poor owners. They liked to play with the puppy, because they did, but when they saw him grow into a […]

Wake up, little king! Winced, the little king rubs his eyes and sits on the bed. He hits his nose with a handkerchief tied to the end of a string that hangs from the ceiling. – Ah, the scarf! Wh

“The gray cat looks bad,” Laura observes, perched high on the small wall that separates the garden from the wasteland. But Dad is cutting the hedge and doesn’t hear what she says. – The gray cat looks bad; I think you’re sick… ”she insists. Her mother does not listen, too busy pulling herbs from the […]
The stories on seasons with four gorgeous bed time story from your normal entire world. Fulfill a cuddly keep, a genial raindrop, just a little acorn along with a shining snowflake, and find out how the planet alterations since the 12 months goes by. Stories of Seasons Once upon a time there was a king named Sol. […]
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