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Christmas Eve

Wake up, little king!

Winced, the little king rubs his eyes and sits on the bed. He hits his nose with a handkerchief tied to the end of a string that hangs from the ceiling.

– Ah, the scarf! What didn’t I want to forget about?

You wanted to open the door, little king.

The little king slides barefoot to the bedroom door.

– It’s fine like this? He asks, opening the door.

No, not just any door. It’s a special one, the last one! Think, little king!

– I already know! – Runs to the library and stops in front of a frame.

At last! You are at the right place.

The little king opens the last door of the Advent calendar, number 24. He claps his hands enthusiastically, and he is fully awake.

– Oh, how wonderful! So today is Christmas Eve! Is the tree already made? Let’s see.

Jumping in contentment, he goes to the living room door and tries to turn the door knob. It is locked.

The little king peeks through the keyhole.

No spying, little king! This door only opens when the bell rings.

– So I still have to wait a long time! Longer time, see you!

The little king turns and runs toward the front door.

Hey! Where are you going? You’re still in your pajamas!

– All right, ok, I’ll get dressed first.

After a few minutes, it is already out there.

– Here are sleigh tracks! Ah, I got him! This one!

Santa is here in my office!

It’s possible. Surely you are preparing everything for Christmas Eve.

– Oh, I have to see this! Exclaims the little king, running to the window. “Maybe you can see something from the outside.”

Have patience, little king.

– Well, leave me alone! I want to know everything, everything!

Carefully, the little king stands on tiptoe to reach the outer window sill. Upper! One more bit… Zum! The blind comes down.

Here it is! It really has to be a surprise.

Now the little king is offended.

“Not like that, dear Santa!” I don’t let them get me out!

He runs away and disappears into the storage room.

What are you thinking about this time? Calm down. Until the gifts are distributed, time passes quickly.

The little king does not answer. Instead, he emerges from the storeroom, dragging a huge ladder through the snow that leans against the palace wall.

Stop it immediately!

Climbs to the roof and sits before the chimney. Also has a fishing rod with it.

– Now, I’m going fishing for some Christmas cookies. In my palace, I do what I want.

And drop the fishing line down the chimney. Then give the crank and pull again.

– Hurray! A cinnamon star! Hmm, I like these. Let’s repeat it again.

The little king fishes more Christmas cookies.

– Oh, a vanilla cracker! How wonderful! Delicious! This little place really is a quiet, hidden hideaway. A little place with lots of cookies, ah, ah, ah!

Happily, the little king starts jumping and laughing.

That’s not funny, little king. And don’t jump like that, pay attention. Caution! Oh no! Slipped, I can no longer see it!

The little king slips off the roof, falls noisily on a snowdrift, and then lands snow on the roof. You can no longer see him.

Where are you, little king? Are you still alive? Responds!

But no one answers. In front of the palace is only one snowman.

Hey snowman, do you know where the little king is?

“Buried,” answers the snowman. And then shouts, “Help me, Grete!”

Here comes the little king’s favorite horse. Sniff the snowman and push it slightly:

– Hiiii !!

Oh! Inside the snowman is hidden the little king! Grete, he’s chattering his teeth! It’s going to freeze outside in the snow.

– And… this… it’s mm… very… so cold.

Grete grabs the little king by the end of his pants and leads him to the stable. Lay your friend carefully in the manger and cover him with straw.

“Ah, Grete, how lovely you are,” sighs the little king.

Look, someone else is coming. Squirrel Bush brought you a nut.

– It is very good.

And the Au-Au dog gives you your favorite bone.

The little king widens his eyes.

– Well, maybe later for the soup.

The cat brought you a blanket, and Tweety will sing you a song.

– How nice! And it’s so Christmas!

Very beautiful, it even looks like a Christmas crib: straw in the manger, the ox and the donkey next door …

– As? – the little king and Grete make an indignant face.

Well… no: the king and the horse. Are you still cold?

– It’s better. It’s warm and makes good little tickles. Is nice.

Dlim-dlão! Grete and the little king stretch their necks.

The Christmas bell is calling for the distribution of gifts.


With a leap, the little king comes out of the manger.

– Ah, at last! Now it will start.

Calm down, little king.

Run to the palace right to the Christmas tree. How beautiful it is! Even more than last year. All the candles burn, the wreath glows, and on the branches hang wooden figurines and round cookies.

– And here are the gifts.

There is also a plate of crackers on the set table. Hmm, how good it smells like Christmas roast.

The little king puts a cookie in his mouth and opens the first box.

– I’m so nervous. What will be in there? Oh, a new chess game.

Hey, someone knocks on the door. Now see who is at the window: your stable friends. They are also curious.

The little king opens another gift without paying attention to what they are told.

– Oh, leave me alone, I have to unwrap the gifts.

What will be inside this box? Oh, a scarf with a knot!

“But this is no real gift!” Did I forget something again?

Certainly! After all you wanted to open a door! The most important door of Christmas. You already know …

The little king laughs:

“Of course, a king always knows everything!”

Run to the main door and open it. All the animals are in the doorway and look at him expectantly. Shortly thereafter, everyone is already eating under the Christmas tree.

– Now try this sugar cookie!

– Hiiii.

– Miaauuu.

– Of course you can eat those on the tree!

Everyone laughs, is happy and shares the cookies and the roast.

Well then, a merry Christmas everyone! Hedwig Munck Der kleine König: neue Geschichten with der kleinen Prinzessin Plauen, Junge Welt, 2002

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