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Tag: good stories for kids

Pinocchio Good Stories For KidsĀ  (sleeping beauty short story – pinocchio story – geppetto pinocchio) Once upon a time there was a man named Geppetto who made beautiful wooden dolls. He lived alone and his dream was to have a son with whom to share all his love and affection. Pinocchio Story One day, Geppetto […]

John and Mary – Good Stories for Kids In the middle of a forest, many years ago, there were two kind brothers. The Johnny and Mary. They lived in a cabin and although poor people, they were very

Good Stories For Kids Once. . . many years ago, a spacious yard, where they lived several birds, owner very friendly paw was shocking her brood. A day began to break. . .crac! crack! One by one, the ducklings were leaving. . . But, alas! There was still one, that there was not even chopped […]
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