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The Redhead Chicken (And The Lazy Friends)

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Was once a redhead hen who lived with her chicks in a farm. In late summer, she saw that the corn was ripe, ready to harvest and to become a good food and had an idea: “What if I make a delicious corn cake ?! Everyone would like! ”

It was hard work: she needed enough corn for the cake.

Who could help harvest the corn cob in the foot? Who could help thresh all that corn? Who could help grind corn to make corn flour for the cake?

Now in the fifth lived other animals: dog, cat and pig. She came to them.

– Who can help me harvest the corn to make a delicious cake?

– I did not! – Said the cat, angry. – You woke up me for this?

– I did not! – Said the dog. – I like ready dish.

– I did not! – Said the pig. – I do not like to mess me.

So the redhead chicken was preparing it alone: the grain harvested, threshed corn, ground flour, prepared the cake and put it in the oven.

When the cake was ready …

– But that smell! – Said the pig. – It comes from the hen house. I also want!

All were mouth water and were running.

– I want to! I want to! I want to! – Said the three at the same time.

Then the redhead hen said:

– Who was it that helped me to harvest the corn adn flour to make the cake?

All were silent. (No one had helped.)

– So who will eat the delicious corn cake is me and my chicks only. You can continue to rest.

And so it was: the hen and her chicks seized the party and none of the lazy invited.


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