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Tag: bedtime stories online

A long, long time ago, in a country of clouds and legends, lived a king named Uther. When the throne of this country was emptied, the kingdom was left without king or castling, because princes and counts all wanted to try King Uther’s crown to see if it would fit them … But although no […]

One night, before going to bed, Luisa’s father mourned: “We are happy, we lack nothing, but I do not understand why I always have the impression that we lack anything.” The mother th

Once upon a time there was an atom. And once upon a time there was an evil general with a uniform full of awards. The world is full of atoms. Everything is made up of atoms: atoms are tiny, and when they come together they form molecules that in turn form all the things we […]

A Mandarin preparing to hold an important official position was visited by a friend who came to say goodbye. They embraced and their friend recommended to him: Above all, in the performance of your im

Children’s literature is like a palm seed that, over six months ago, an African sold me there beside Martim Moniz. In a small basket was ten hard, almost forgotten oval seeds. It was his business, all he had, possibly what was left of his country of sunshine and forests where he might never return. He […]

They named the puppy “Taxi”. With so many names available, they soon chose this one! But he didn’t care. “Taxi,” they called. And he would come, giving his tail, always h

Once upon a time there was a bunny that had blue ears the color of sky. When he noticed that the other rabbits did not have the same colored ears, he was very embarrassed. He stopped playing with them and preferred to be alone. The only friend he had was the moon that appeared in […]
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