Short Stories

Child's story and drawing

Once a child made a drawing. It took a long time to finish it and used all the crayons he had. Then he went to his grandmother and showed it to him.

– What is this? He asked his grandmother.

“It’s a very beautiful and colorful drawing,” her grandmother answered.

– But what is? – insisted.

The grandmother could not answer.

The child went to ask his grandfather.

“This is almost a Picasso,” his grandfather said, laughing.

– And what is “almost a Picasso”? Asked the child.

“A painter,” was his grandfather’s reply.

“I’m a painter too,” said the child.

Then he went to his older sister.

– You really used all the colors! – she said.

– Yes, it was. But what is this?

– A colorful catcall!

The child took the picture from him and went to his father at the table reading the newspaper. The child put the drawing on the newspaper and said nothing.

– Oh! Said the father. – But this is a very beautiful all-colored rainbow! It goes from one end to the other. Go from me to you.

“Exactly,” said the child.

Then the child and his father hung the drawing precisely where sunlight reflected off the wall.
   Rolf Krenzer Freue Dich auf jeden Tag Würzburg, Echter Verlag, 1996 (Translation and adaptation)

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