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The Three Little Pigs Fairy Tale

The Three Little Pigs Fairy Tale

Once there was a sow that had three little pigs. She was old and could not support the litter, so she told them to go and find their luck.
The first little pig walked, walked until he found a man carrying a bundle of straw, and said to him,

“Please, peasant, give me some of that straw so I can build my little house.”

The peasant, who had a good heart, did so, giving him a good amount of straw. The little pig wasted no time and soon his house was ready.

But soon there came a wolf, who knocked at the door and said,

“Little pig, little pig, let me in.”

Hearing this, the pig answered:

“No, no, by the strands of my beard, here you will not go in.”

The wolf, unmoved by the answer, replied,

“Then I will blow, and I will snort, and go home to munch.”

And he blew, blew, snorted, snorted, the house went flying. The little pig however, was fast, and rushed into the woods so fast that no matter how hard he tried the wolf could not catch him.

The second little pig met a man with a bundle of gorse and said,

“Please, my good man, give me some of this bullshit so I can build my little house.”

The man did so and the little pig built his little house more than quickly.

But soon the wolf appeared and said:

“Little pig, little pig, let me in”.

“No, no, by the strands of my beard, here you will not go in.”

“Then I will blow, and I will snort, and go home to munch.”

And he breathed, he breathed, he snorted, he snorted, and the house went by the air, but just like his brother this little pig was also agile, or was that agility just the natural instinct for survival? I do not know, what I know is that he ran like crazy into the forest and the wolf once again can not fill his belly with this family’s little piggies!

The third little pig was walking its way when he met a man who made bricks and said,

“Please, my good man, give me some of these bricks so I can build my little house.”

The man had left and willingly gave many bricks to the little pig. Satisfied, the pig was trying to gather all the material he had gained when six brothers burst into tears, crying, traumatized.

“What happened little brothers,” he asked her, “why so sad?”

And the two unhappy ones reported all that had happened to them, the wolf, their houses destroyed, and the wolf’s intention to make them their lunch.

“Do not worry any more brothers, I have bricks, this material is stronger, solid, let’s make our little house with them, and this wolf can not destroy!”

They lost no time trying to build their solid house. Soon the wolf appeared again, and as he had done with the other two little pigs, he said:

“Little pig, little pig, let me in”.

“No, no, by the strands of my beard, here you will not go in.”

“Then I will blow, and I will snort, and go home to munch.”

three little pigs story
The Three Little Pigs Fairy Tale

And he blew, and snorted, and blew, and snorted, and snorted and blew even more, until he turned purple and lost his breath, but the house did not fall. Then he realized that this house was stronger and that no matter how much he blew it would not be able to destroy it. He put his head to work and had one, and said,

“Little pig, I want to be your friend, and to prove myself I offer you to show him where there is a magnificent field of turnips.”

“Where is this field?” The little pig asked.

“Oh, in Mr. Jacob’s land, and if I’m ready by tomorrow morning, I’ll come and get him; we can go together to harvest turnips and have enough fun. “

“Alright,” said the little pig, “it’s settled. What time will it be here? “

“Oh, six o’clock, okay?”

The little pig rose at five o’clock in the morning, still dark, told his brothers to be quietly hidden in the house, and went to the field of turnips, arriving before the wolf, which arrived at six. There he took everything he wanted and came running home, where he locked himself up.

At six o’clock the wolf knocked on the door of the piggies:

“Piggy (the wolf did not know the two survivors were there!), Are you ready?”

The pig answered, “Ready? I’ve been and gone back, and I have a pan full of turnips for dinner. “

The wolf was furious, but he was not going to give up that easy, and said, “Little pig, I know a place full of loaded apple trees.”

“Where?” The little pig asked.

“There in the clearing of the lake,” answered the wolf. “And if you do not fool me I’ll pick you up tomorrow at five o’clock to pick some apples.”

The next morning the little pig rose at four o’clock, got dressed and went to the lake clearing to harvest the apples, hoping to do the same thing the previous day, but the clearing was further away, and he had to climb the trees to reap the apples. Then, just as he was about to descend from the last tree with a bag full of apples, he saw the wolf approach and became terrified. And now, what to do?

The wolf came and said,

“You like getting up early, are not you little piggy? Did you get here before me? How are the apples, are they sweet? “

“They’re great,” said the little pig, “I’m going to throw you one,” and threw a beautiful apple as far as it will go. The greedy wolf ran to catch it, and the little pig in turn jumped to the ground and ran as fast as he could to his house, locking all the doors and windows very well.

The next day there was the wolf again, but now very angry. He said:

“Little pig, I lost my temper with you. I will not wait any longer, I will enter the chimney and devour it, just as I did with your brothers! “

“Liar,” shouted the little pig, “you’re nothing, you did not devour my brothers, they’re here with me!” And the two brothers screamed inside the house so the wolf could hear them. Meanwhile the smart little pig hung a cauldron full of water in the fireplace access with a high fire. The wolf, more and more furious, began to descend the chimney, and was so blinded by hatred that he could not even see the pot. As soon as he touched the boiling water he screamed and jumped so high that he flew through the chimney, falling near the piggies’ house. Just then hunters were passing by, and when they saw that furious wolf they quickly killed him, leaving the three little brothers and all the inhabitants of that place free from the wolf’s attacks forever.


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