Short Stories

The surprise of handa

Handa put seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend Akeyo.

Akeyo will be surprised, Handa thought as she headed for her friend’s village.

“I wonder what fruit she will like best?

It will be soft and yellow banana…

or the smelly guava?

From round and juicy orange…

or red and ripe mango?

Would you like the pineapple leaves to pickle…

of green and creamy avocado…

or the passion fruit purple and sour?

What fruit will Akeyo like best? ”

– Hello, Akeyo. It brought you a surprise.

– Tangerines! exclaimed Akeyo. – My favorite fruit!

– Tangerines? wondered Handa. – This is a surprise! For both you and me! Eileen Browne Handa’s Surprise London, Walker Books, 1994 (Translation and Adaptation)

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