Short Stories

It is promised!

In winter, groundhogs lie well protected from the cold. And, like all its neighbors, they sleep soundly for a long time. It is hibernation. In spring the whole family wakes up and one by one the little ones leave the soft nest.

Camila, the tiniest of groundhogs, feels in great shape after these months of sleep. Curious, she stretches her nose and sniffs the fresh morning air. Hibernation is over! Just have one wish: go run world!

Camila plays and runs across the meadows, exploring everything around her. Then, out of breath, he lies down on the soft grass to rest. And what does she see when she opens her eyes? A dandelion so beautiful its heart beat faster.

“Hello,” Camila said.

“Hello,” said the flower, shining like the sun.

And together, the two have fun during the spring, laughing and joking.

Every morning Camila admires her beautiful sun flower, which she finds every day more beautiful.

And at night, the flower sees Camila dancing in the moonlight. Then you fall asleep peacefully, knowing that she will cover your sleep. This is how time goes by …

Over the days, the flower stretches in the sun. But one fine morning, she turns her pretty white head to Camila and asks him:

– Tell me one thing: do you trust me?

“Sure,” Camila says, surprised.

– Whatever happens? – insists the flower.

“Yes, I trust you, whatever happens,” Camila says.

“Then blow as hard as you can.” You’ll see, everything will be all right, I promise you.

And Camila blows with all her might. But … what is this?

The flower is gone! Nothing left but a broken stem.

It’s my fault, Camila thinks desperately. But she had promised that everything would end well …

“And I had promised to trust her …” Camila sighs, “… and when you promise, you are promised!”

Then, alone, Camila moves away from the world. There are so many things to discover! If only she could tell her adventures to her flower friend!

But there is a phrase that does not go out of your head

– You’ll see, everything will be all right, I promise you …

What could this mean?

When autumn comes, Camila is so eager to see her dandelion friend again, that she returns to the place where they had once been so happy together.

Camila feels great fatigue. Winter is fast approaching.

Then prepare a soft bed and lie down, protected from the cold.

“You’ll see, everything will be all right, I promise you …” she murmurs once more, settling into her nest.

Then he closes his eyes and sleeps deeply for a long time.

And in the spring, what does she see when she wakes up? Knister; Eve Tharlet It’s promised! Harbor, Ambar, 2006

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