Short Stories

The small NO and the big NO

The little girl is NOT sitting on a park bench eating chocolate.

It is really very small, tiny and speaks very softly.

A fat lady arrives and asks:

– Can I sit by your side?

The little one does NOT whisper:

– No, I’d rather be alone.

The big fat lady doesn’t even listen, and sits on the bench.

A boy comes running and asks:

– Can I have your chocolate?

The little girl does NOT whisper again:

– No, I want to eat it by myself.

The boy does not hear, takes the chocolate to little NO and begins to eat it.

A man arrives that the little one has NOT seen many times in the park and asks:

– Hello, girl! You’re so beautiful. Can I give you a kiss?

The little one does NOT whisper for the third time:

– No, I don’t want any kisses.

But the man seems not to notice. One reaches the little NO and prepares to kiss her.

The little one does NOT lose patience for good!

He gets up, stretches and shouts with all his might:

– NO NO! No no and no!

I want to sit alone on the bench…

… I want to eat my chocolate…

… And I don’t want to be kissed!


The fat woman, the boy, and the man open their eyes in amazement:

– Why didn’t you say so? – and go away.

And who is now sitting on the bench?

A big NO! It’s big and strong and speaks out loud:

– And so. If you always say NO too softly and fearfully, people will not listen. We have to say NO loud and clear.

This is how the little one did NOT become a big one. Gisela Braun From the groins and kleine NEIN Mülheimer an der Ruhr, Verlag an der Ruhr, 1991

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