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I am angry


When I’m angry I feel like… a volcano that will erupt, a pan that will spill out… a bull on the loose in a pottery shop.

When I’m angry I feel like… an angry rhino, or a balloon about to burst, or even a bomb to explode!

When I’m angry I stomp… But it doesn’t do me any good.

I throw the toys in the air… but I get bored if something breaks.

When I am angry with my brother I tell him that I NEVER talk to him anymore…… but I always forgive him.

When I’m angry with my friend I call her names and say I don’t play with her… but then I always regret it.

There are many things that make people angry. When Mom is tired after a tiring day at work and we’re making a lot of noise… she gets really mad!

When my sister is trying to assemble the parts of a model and everything goes wrong … she gets angry.

When my friend John hears a grunt because of something he didn’t do… he gets angry.

But sometimes I do things that make others angry.

If I misbehave at the table.

If I’m selfish and don’t share my toys.

If I make tapes when I lose games, or make fun of others when they can’t do something.

My teacher gets angry if I misbehave at school… and copy when I don’t know the answers.

Everyone sometimes gets angry. But when I feel like I’m getting angry … it helps to pass if I count to ten before I speak.

It helps to pass if I run until I’m tired or if you kick a ball hard.

It helps to pass if I try to calm down. Sometimes I tell my dog ​​problems; he seems to notice them.

And if I try to think of a good thing, I often forget why I was angry.

Our little baby can’t say why he’s angry, but we can talk about how we feel. Apologizing is a good way to start.

And what do you do when you get angry? Brian Moses I’m angry Lisbon, Editorial Path, 1994 Adapted text

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