Short Stories

For free

Our son went to his mother and handed her a paper. After his mother wiped her hands on her apron, she read it: For mowing the lawn $ 5.00 For cleaning the room this week $ 1.00 For going to the house store $ 0.50 For taking care of my brother $ 0.25 For going out with trash $ 1.00 For bringing good grades $ 5.00 [19459002 ] For cleaning and sweeping the yard $ 2.00 Total debt: $ 14.75 His mother looked up and he waited there. She took the paper, turned it over and wrote:

Nine months I transported you while you were inside me: for free.

The time when I was sitting by your side treating you, and praying for you: for free.

All the tears you’ve made me cry over the years: for free.

Every night filled with fear and worry that I know awaited me: for free.

For toys, food, clothes, and even for blowing you: for free, my son.

And after all, true love is … for free.

When our son read what his mother wrote, his eyes filled with tears. He looked at his mother and said, “Mom, I really love you so much.” Then he took the pen and in large letters wrote: “ACCOUNT BALANCE.” M. Adams Chicken Soup for the Soul Mem Martins, Lyon Editions, 2002

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