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The Two Donkeys

The Two Donkeys Story for Children

Two thousand years ago, lived in Bethlehem, two donkeys, one brown and the other gray. Belonged to a miller and created this never gave them rest, making them work all day. They were forced to carry bags full of grain and from one place to another meal, morning to night.

If stopped to see a flower or look at the clouds in the sky, he beat them with a stick to make them walk.

The two donkeys and would like to lead a life as cat, dog or chickens, they had nothing more to do besides hunt rats, save the mill and lay eggs.

– Ay, ay – lamented. – The Great Creator does not like us very much there! He destined us to eternally carry heavy loads and to serve men.

But one day, early in the morning, went there for a few pastors and told what they had seen during the night. A stable near Bethlehem, had a child born in a manger, poor and naked. Came the angels sing you and three kings had been guided to him by a star, he had shown them the way.

– It is Christ, our savior – the shepherds said. – A new king who freed the helpless of their burden.

The two donkeys all listened with rapt attention.

“A king who freed the helpless of its burdens, it is also our king,” they thought.

And without that created this account, went looking for that king. It was not hard. The shepherds and their flocks had left the marked trail. But when they arrived at the stable, it was empty.

Story for Children

Through the cracks, a cold wind blew, and the miracle that night, had not been more than trodden ground cloth straw in the manger and a final aroma of frankincense and myrrh still hung in the air.

They might not know that was a donkey that had guided Joseph, quietly, but in rapid pace for him flee Herod’s soldiers and save Mary and the Child.

At the time, entered the miller with a stick in hand.

– Ah, at last meeting the two rascals! Go, plays to march, to work! – He shouted.

Thus both returned and donkeys have continued to carry heavy bags side to side.

– What the shepherds said nothing but a lie – said the brown donkey, sighing because of the burden they carried on their backs.

– I believe them – said the gray donkey, feeling suddenly your burden become lighter.

– And the bags on their backs? Where is now the king who freed the helpless of their burden? – Asked the brown donkey.

– He takes the burden – The Grey said – but gives more strength to the upload. Go on, give me your bag here.

The miller and his servant were amazed with the donkeys.

– But what’s wrong with them? – Exclaimed the miller.

Each time he took the stick to beat them, this became so heavy that he had to drop it to the floor. And when the two burritos stopped to see some flower or to look at a cloud, he had no more than leave them or scold them with gentle words.

The gray burrito made ​​a nod.

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