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The Throne Chair That Would Be

The Throne Chair That Would Be Children Short Story

This chair had his feet firmly on the ground. It was a somewhat unbalanced chair, as will appreciate. Nothing to distinguish thousands of other modest chairs, crudely painted to fool the weevil. Had four legs, good size seat and a very straight back, which made ​​her look like corseted and haughty lady. Forgotten in a corner of the house, with its unhappy fate of ordinary chair, sighing all day long:

“- As much as you want, do not resign myself. They put me here, in this house negligible, when I could be prominently featured in a luxury lounge. Sad fate. ”

Banks, close friends of mockery, laughed at these lines. One of them, an old owl shoemaker, said it well:

– Of course, wanted to be a throne, no?

– To throne lacks arms – perceived a kitchen bench.

– And it lacks the wood … – added another. – Where you ever saw a throne pine?

Banks returned to laugh, facing the chair that the back could not return them.

– Let the little peace – advised the desk was very nice. – It has its weaknesses, what you want? If you would put a shim under one of the feet, you might pass the imbalance. Evil was having it done with even green wood.

– The desk lady is always ready to excuse her – said the owl. – Is that I also had ambitions when it was new. Wanted to be a banquet table, imagine! I saw myself dressed in a large linen cloth and lace, decorated with silver candlesticks, covered with thin plates and cutlery gleaming … I dreamed about this banquet thousand times, but never gave me any.

The banks were silent. Speaking up in serious things, banks did not know what to say.

– But I do not feel unhappy – continued the table. – Here are dull cutlery and dishes, cracked. I almost never cover with towel, but people’s hands pass over me and make me festivities. The elbows are supported on my worktop. Fingers hit me lightly, while waiting for the bowl of soup and the bread fresh out of the oven. I know people kill hunger and thirst around me, I know that like me and not dismiss me. It pays to be table.

“That is content with little,” thought the chair, straightening even more in its four legs fraquinhas.

One day passed by a gaudy procession of horsemen. It was the king who was hunting in the company of his nobles. The entourage galloped across the only street of the village. Women, men and children, who had never seen such beautiful horses or riders so well dressed, came to the windows and said goodbye with scarves.

In the house of this story, there was no talk of nothing else for the rest of the day. The seat, this just sighed to himself: “Oh, if the king would take me …» returned to pass through the village, late afternoon, the knights. Brought big game: wild boar and deer, crossed the horses. And came weary riders. Of all, the most amolentado was king. Fat, very fat, the king was tired of running around, hunting and bumps. What she wanted was rest. The open doors of the houses came to an appetizing smell desenfornado bread. His Majesty was attempted by smell and, gesturing, he commanded the entourage. The chief equerry helped him off the horse, which was still hard, and propped it up on a doorstep, precisely the door of the house where this story goes. The old couple who lived there assarapantou up with a visit. Serve you a freshly baked bread, spread with butter fresquinha, did not require much knowledge of etiquette, but where to sit so distinguished visitor?

– Brings the chair woman. Hurry! – Shouted the farmer. It was the only seat in the house, such that we have spoken. Finally, it would prove to mock a chair, even pine benches, knows serve with the great nobility of the land and sustain them the weight of power. They saw that the fragile chair, make a throne of times since then! We could end the story here, we had just as well. But there are setbacks … The peasants came to His Majesty’s chair, which refastelou. Was the unexpected weight or emotion, poor … moaned and groaned …, not holding the legs, desconjuntou up all with the king on top. Catrapumba! The king falls in the middle of the floor, alarming the entourage, scare up the peasants and, indoors, almost fall apart laughing banks and stools. Dented and very sore, the king got up there:

– Pity, the fault was not theirs – the king said, referring to the elderly. – Give them money for a new chair. Ai!

Went away the royal entourage. The chair, sad bunch of carunchosas boards, where it was gone. Wood for the oven, not long …

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