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A Small Bowl of Rice

A Small Bowl of Rice Story for Kids

This is the story of a miser who lived in a large mansion, perched on a barren hill. One day something happened that changed his life forever.

The man’s house was very old and full of drafts. The miser lived alone, except for a few servants and a dog, which even had a name. The old man slept and ate in one of the many towers of the mansion, and spent his days counting his gold. Gold was what he liked best in the world, and never shared or spent.

Everyone knew him as the most avaricious man who ever existed.

Never invite anyone home and never gave a gift to whoever. In reality, only went out once a year, because I was afraid to spend money. And when he went out, rode a stately carriage, accompanied by the dog and a servant to collect the taxes of the poor peasants who worked the land from him.

One of those times, while returning home in the evening, coming from a successful day of collection of taxes, and securely attached to the bag full of gold, the carriage was stopped by robbers. The Miser and screamed for help, but in vain. The thieves took off her clothes, forced him to wear rags, and took him with the dog, far away in the countryside, where they left him without food or drink.

The man was truly upset and began yelling at the dog, who had never set name for the animal does not have attacked the assailants. It was now getting dark and they were both completely-lost. Desperate, the man crawled under a hedge, where he was crying and thinking about the stolen gold to sleep. Regarding cãozito, curled up next to him.

The next day, the man awoke to cold, hunger and pain, and the dog was in search of a village. They walked and walked until we finally reached a road. There was not a soul, and the miser was starving and sorry for himself. Suddenly, the dog barked and started running.

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The man followed him and came across a small isolated cabin, surrounded by wild roses. When he saw white smoke coming out the chimney, was encouraged and knocked. Suddenly, however, hesitated to remember as always had fired those who knocked on her door for help. Who would want to help a ragged like it? I was about to turn around when he heard a pleasant voice asking:

– Who is it?

Relieved, the miser replied humbly:

– Sorry to bother you, but I’m lost and I’m hungry. Will could give me some food for me and my dog​​? And a warm place to sleep?

– Of course I can – a friendly voice answered. – Come.

Entered the hut, they found quite naked. In the room there was only a few pieces of furniture and the windows had no curtains. But the fire was lit, and an old kind of air was sitting at the table. Beside him, a brown dog wagged his tail and smiled. The man stood up and laughed heartily, saying the dog:

– It is a poor lost soul, Archie, and brought you a new friend!

Then, turning to the miser, asked:

– Come and sit down. Welcome to my feast! Today we have a feast of delicious rice! – Joked.

Was to seek a shelf two small bowls and said:

– We’ll have to share this rice, because it’s all I have. And your dog will share food from Archie.

The old man threw some rice in large bowl of Archie for both dogs and divided what remained between him and the miser, who was stunned with such generosity. How could this man be so happy despite being so poor? The miserly thought in their gold, and their servants in his mansion. Despite all this, she had never felt so happy as this man who had so little. And felt guilt and shame for their avaricious behavior over all those years.

Hunger brought him back to the present, and ate rice greedily, thinking that never tasted anything so delicious. Soon felt infected with the friendliness of the old and found herself telling him how he had been robbed. The old man heard the report carefully and told him then:

– Your story saddens me. You have so much and yet, your life is so empty and lonely.

Offered the miser his place in front of the fireplace, gave him good night, and lay down to sleep.

The miser was so moved by the goodness of the old, and so grateful, that when sleep was not enough and he wondered what had happened, the ice began to melt your heart. Tears ran down her face when she realized how horrible his life was in reality. And for the first time made a party to the dog that he had never given a name. Also resolved to repay the generosity of the man.

The next morning, when he awoke, he invited the old man and the dog came to live with him in the mansion, which offer both immediately accepted with joy. And forthwith, departed for home.

From that day, the miser has changed his behavior. He and the old man became friends and lived happily with Archie and Merry, the name he gave to his dog, who grew up before our eyes with the care of the owner. No one ever was sent away from the mansion empty handed and instead to tax the greedy gold used to improve the living conditions of the local population.

Twice a year, invited the neighbors and kids for parties that were so fun that became the topic of conversation for everyone.

The ambition and selfishness spoil everything and everybody.

A sensible person knows that the path to true happiness involves the sharing of what has, however slightly.

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