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The Apple Tree

The Apple Tree Story for Children

On Monday, the sky was blue and white spring clouds passed quietly in the sky. In the orchard, the trees lift their branches as if to pull the clouds.

On Tuesday the branches had little sprouts.

On Wednesday a warm wind blew and the shoots have become bigger and stronger.

And on Thursday? That day opened the buttons and the orchard was in full bloom, the trees draped with a white cloud.

Apple trees also blossomed. He had twisted and bent branches. The bark was rough and chapped, and his cloud color pink. The first butterfly fluttered through the orchard.

– What is this? – Exclaimed the trees. – It is too early for butterflies! Where did this come from?

– From me! – Said the apple tree. – He spent the winter with me, gathered under my skin.

The trees groaned.

– Why did you leave?

The Apple Tree kids story
– Well you know they lay eggs!

– You know that eggs come larvae!

– You know that the larvae eat our sheets!

Two robins arrived at the orchard, flying back and forth and back and forth.

– We’re looking for home. We want to make a nest and have our children!

– In me, no! – Said the pear tree. – That noise and that constant flutter! These half-stripped things, open nozzles!

– In me, no! – Said the plum. – That noise all the time! A person also needs to have your rest!

– And be in order! – Said the cherry. – Biting cherries and leaves mess around!

The robins did not know what to do. Flew back and forth and back and forth.

– Do not come near us! – Shouted the trees – you just annoy. Go make your nest somewhere else, please!

– But where? – Asked the robins.

– In my branch! – Said the apple tree.

Later, two goldfinches also reached the orchard.

– We’re looking for home. We want to make a nest and have our children.

– Not here! – Exclaimed the trees. – Here there is no place.

– But here – said the apple tree. – Come, red little heads. The goldfinches are so colorful and funny!

– More funny than us? – Asked two mejengras, coming from hedge fluttering.

– As funny as you. Do your nests and lay eggs!

– And our children can make noise?

– Can.

– And our children can foul the sheets?

– Can.

– Then we moved now! – Said the goldfinches and linnets and mejengras.

The other trees were incensed.

– How can you be so fool! – Scolded pear.

– Are you crazy? – Asked plum.

– Of course it is! – Said the cherry. – When it gives branches to three couples of birds, only one can be crazy!

The apple tree laughed.

– This is not to laugh! – Grumbled trees.

– I’m laughing because they tickle me. Someone’s in my roots, and it is precisely the roots that have more tickling.

A mole jabbed his pointed muzzle off the ground.

– Can I make my home down here?

– You can.

– And do not bother you that I dig tunnels?

– Do not bother me at all.

– What do a pit for my puppies?

– Also not bother me. Digs at will, my dear!

At night, appeared in two orchard voles.

– We’re looking for home. Someone here has a free branch?

– We do not! – Shouted the trees.

– But I, yes! – Said the apple tree. – How are you going to have puppies?

– Six or seven. Any – responded voles. – We eat leaves, berries, worms and snails. Whatever.

– And, occasionally, one passarito! – Said two hedgehogs who lived on the other side, under the hedge, and at that moment walked


The apple tree woke the birds.

– I listened, birdies! We have new tenants in the house! Pay close attention to your eggs, they realized?

And the dormouse said:

– I listened, dormice! I do not like to steal eggs. Here, anyone can do harm to others, if not, will soon though. Got that?

Summer is here.

The branches were green cherries and green plums. Green pears and green apples. Were speckled eggs in nests. Moms-birds kept the eggs warm. the

Papas-birds flew back and forth and back and forth, and brought food for mothers. The apple tree rejoiced with eggs. Rejoiced with cubs of moles between their roots. Rejoiced with seven small voles in the pit of your branch. Was happy every time you had company.

– Here is animation! – Said the woodpecker, banging his beak into the bark.

– This pleases me here! – Said the woodpecker.

– I’d like to live in your branches – said the greenfinch.

The hole from the highest branch, two starlings had made the nest. Morning whistling at night played flute and sang all day.

– I am happy when you sing! – Said the apple tree. – How are your eggs?

– In a little while, they are ready.

Eggs left starlings-babies. Half naked, opened their beaks, hooted and made noise.

– Well here it is! – Grumbled pear.

– What a racket! – Muttered the plum.

– This will not stand! – Muttered the cherry.

In all nests, there were birds without feathers. Opened their beaks, hooted and made noise. The apple tree was happy with so many birds. And when the feathers were born to them and learned to fly, was even more pleased. Just did not like when the birds began to argue with each other.

– This is our business! – Whistled the little starlings, who wanted to shoo others.

– No, it’s ours! – The brand new twittering goldfinches.

– We were here first! – The robins warbled.

– But we’re bigger! – Whistled the little starlings.

– You are bad! – Hooted the mejengrinhas.

– Silence – called the apple tree. – They want to silence the nozzles? I do not like discussions. There are branches that reach, and there’s room for everyone here. Get it?

The birds jostled and pushed up. Disputed the branches together and discussed. Hooted and flapped. And when they finally went to sleep, it was the turn of nocturnal animals agree. Moles left the earth, each of your lot. Hedgehogs left the hedge, took their little strolling and showed them the world. Voles climbed the branches with their puppies. Head up, head down – up and down.

– Chiu! Slower! – Said the apple tree. – You behave as if they were home alone!

The seven small voles did not give her ears and continued with their nonsense. Ran from one side to the other, did gymnastics up and down.

– Chiu! Less noise! – Said the apple tree – Do you agree me the birds, boys!

The plums were purple. The yellow pears. The red apples.

– Good! Since all birds can fly! – Said the apple tree. – Soon, some will have to go.

– We – the starlings whistled – going south.

– We too – the twittering goldfinches. – Let’s cross the sea.

– We fly next week! – Whistled starlings.

– Good trip! – Said the apple tree

During the night the weather started to cool. The leaves become colored and fell to the floor.

– It’s time to hibernate – said the apple tree.

Voles and stopped to face with tails and curled up. Hedgehogs joined wilted leaves and cushioned their nests. The moles have dug deeper.

– Good night! – Said the apple tree.

It started to snow. The winter wind passed through the orchard and tore the last leaves. In the bushes had icicle.

– I’m cold – complained pear.

– I’m cold and I’m alone! – Complained the plum.

– I’m cold, I feel lonely and I’m angry! – Complained the cherry.

Their branches creaked and the wind sighed. The apple did not feel boring. And it was not alone. Dreamed of birds and nests with eggs open. Dreamed of wings and pious in its branches. Also had no cold. Hole in the trunk were seven aconchegadinhos voles, which sometimes were moving during sleep. And then a warm fur stroked it and a bushy tail was tickling him. And the tree was laughing inside.

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