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Discover this captivating warrior story for kids. Dive into inspiring tales of heroism and bravery. Perfect for young readers.

Upright in his steed, the Great Warrior rode at a gallop when suddenly the snow began to fall and cover it with a thick white blanket.

In this remote and lonely place, there is no shelter. Only the Dark Cave could serve as a safe haven. So the Great Warrior dismounted, held the animal, and immediately entered the Grotto.

What was that huge, dark cave? So dark that in a first moment, the Great Warrior became completely blind. But his eyes were becoming accustomed to the darkness, and he then found himself in a very large place. I picked up a few dried branches and made a good fire. Rubbing his hands, he felt so cherished by fire. She edged the sword again and again and sucked up the pimples and several dry herrings.

At one point he got up and at bedtime, more wood for the fire emerged out of the rocks.

terrifying. What a tremendous fright caught! The Great Warrior logo stood on guard. Who, until then,

won every fight, drew his sword sharpened, and challenged:

O filthy creature! Show me what you have!

Gritting his teeth, the Great Warrior set out to confront the shadow. Drew drew his sword and felt well protected by strong armor. The shade, however, became even more terrifying. The warrior then launched a fierce new cry:

Damn you!

And struck again. What terrible blows of the sword! Sounds and sparks jumped when the metal slammed into the rocks! For a moment, the face of the Great Warrior flashed a smile. He was sure he would also win this battle. And the horse ran with haste. So quickly that, by tripping over a dry branch, he fell flat and was extended with the sword in the air.

Finding himself in a ridiculous situation, one that had never lost a battle,

You see, damn enemy!

And with a long stick that caught the fire, it began to strike everywhere mercilessly, distributing the crooked straight and whipping fearsome fire. With so much momentum came the anger that came from undressing and throwing rocks against the armor. This fell to the ground and was rolling on itself.

The Great Warrior then gave him the towel. No horse, no sword, no armor, no nothing, completely naked, with no other clothing except your own skin! What a great bitterness felt! What a tremendous and terrible humiliation! eating the dust from the ground! Walked knees still a good bit, heading groping abroad… Very, very cost, upside down, and well curved back…

Until faced with a warm and cool light. How much light!

A gentle heat then started down the bare skin of the Great Warrior. Still, he could see nothing; he only felt… But when, after a few moments, his eyes became accustomed to the light, he saw that shadow again, out there to challenge him.

Mild thunderbolts and lightning!

He looked back at the shadow, but this time, finally exclaiming:

Oh, but it’s my shadow! It’s more than my own shadow!

I returned to the cave and said,

What am silly? The fight with my shadow!

And there stood before the fire, beside her:

After all, I myself am my biggest enemy! What a jerk!

And now I began to stir one foot to a hand, first the neck, then the head… as a small child.

And so, instead of putting the path in search of new wars, the Great Warrior decided to stay here, in this remote and lonely place, in the company of his shadow, now no longer as an adversary but as a friend and companion.

And while untying his horse, the rays of the sun began to melt the snow and thick white robe that made ​​a surprising light and transparent  blade…

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Warrior Story for Kids

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