Short Stories

The generous tree

Once upon a time there was a tree … that loved a boy.

And every day the boy came, gathered his leaves and made crowns with them, imagining to be the king of the forest.

He climbed his trunk, swayed on his branches, ate his apples, played secretly, and when he got tired, slept in his shadow.

The boy loved that tree… like no one else.

And the tree was happy.

But time has passed.

The boy grew up.

And the tree was often alone.

One day the boy came and the tree said to him:

– Come on, boy. Walk up my trunk, swing on my branches, eat apples, play in my shadow and be happy.

“I’m too old to play with,” said the boy. “I want to buy things and have fun.” I want money. Can you give me some money?

“Sorry,” said the tree. – I have no money. I only have leaves and apples. Take my apples, boy. Sell ​​them in the city. Then you will have money and be happy.

And so, the boy climbed up the trunk, picked the apples and took them.

And the tree was happy.

But the boy stayed away from the tree for a long time …

And the tree was sad again.

Until one day the boy returned and the tree, trembling with joy, said:

– Come on, boy. Walk up my trunk, swing on my branches and be happy.

“I’m too busy to climb trees,” the boy replied. – I want a house to live. I want a woman and children. For that I need a house. Can you give me a house?

“I have no home,” said the tree. – The forest is my shelter. But cut my branches and build your house. Then you will be happy.

The boy did so. He cut the branches and took them to build a house.

And the tree was happy.

But once again the boy broke away from the tree and when he returned the tree was so happy that he could barely speak.

“Come on, boy,” she whispered. – Come play.

“I’m too old and sad to play with,” the boy explained. “I want a boat that will take me far away from here.” Can you give me a boat?

“Cut my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. – So you can travel far away … And be happy.

The boy cut the trunk, made a boat and set off.

And the tree was happy…

But not much.

A long time later, the boy returned again.

“Sorry boy,” said the tree. – I have nothing left to give you. The apples are gone.

“My teeth are too weak for apples,” the boy explained.

“I have no branches anymore,” the tree lamented.

“I’m not old enough to swing on branches either,” said the boy.

“I have no trunk to climb,” continued the tree.

“I’m too tired for that,” said the boy.

“Sorry,” sighed the tree. “I wish I had something to offer you … but I have nothing left.” I’m just an old stump. Sorry …

“I don’t need much anymore,” the boy added. “Just a quiet place where I can sit and rest.” I feel very tired.

“Well,” said the tree, straightening as much as possible. – An old stump is great for sitting down and resting. Come on, boy. Sit down. Sit down and rest.

And that’s what the boy did.

And the tree was happy. Shel Silverstein The Generous Tree Figueira da Foz, Bruaá Publisher, 2009

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