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The Chained Elephant Short Story for Kids

Embark on an enchanting journey with our heartwarming narrative, The Chained Elephant Short Story for Kids. An enthralling adventure awaits your young ones. Uncover life’s profound lessons within.

When I was little, I was enchanted by the magical world of the circus. Excited to see me up close each animal traveling in a caravan from town to town.

During the show, everything seemed wonderful and breathtaking, but the appearance of the elephant was always my favorite moment. The huge beast was showing impressive strength, size, and skill. It was evident that an animal like that would be able to pull a tree with a

simple tug. However, to my surprise, after each performance, a personal circus elephant tied to a small stake was just driven into the ground. This was a great mystery to me.

Although the current was thick and strong, an animal capable of bringing down a wall with his power could easily free himself and escape the stake. What held the elephant? Why not run away?

When I was five or six years old, I still believed that people had all grown. So, I questioned teachers, my uncle, and my mother about the mystery of the elephant. They explained to me that the elephant did not flee because he was tamed. Logically, I asked them: ‘- If you are tame and therefore does not escape, why is the chain? “

Nobody could give me an answer to this second question.

Much later, one night, I met someone very wise man, who had traveled to India and helped me find the answer.

The circus elephant has been chained to a stake for a long time, but

very small. I remember closing my eyes and thinking about the little elephant

newborn attached to the stake. I imagined him pushing and pulling the stake all day

after day, trying to loosen up…

I could almost see him fall asleep every night, exhausted by the effort, thinking back to trying the next morning. Everything was useless; the stake was

too strong for a newborn animal, even in the case of a

elephant. Until one day, the saddest day of his short life, the little elephant accepted that he could not free himself and surrendered to their fate.

I understood then why the huge and mighty elephant I saw in the circus was left chained: he was convinced that never

could free itself of its stake. The poor animal had recorded failure in your memory like an elephant and

never, ever, had come to test the strength. Some nights I dream, I approach the elephant chained to her ear and say,

You know, you look like me. You also believe that you can not do some things just because once, long ago, tried and not

did it. You have to realize that time has passed and you are now stronger than before. If you really want to set yourself free, I’m sure you can do it.

Why not try? Sometimes, according to me, one day my elephant finally tried and managed to pull out the stake… So I smile and imagine the huge beast continuing to travel with the circus because it likes to amuse the kids, though obviously no longer being chained.

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The Chained Elephant Short Story for Kids

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