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Emily- Inspirational Short Story

This is among the most inspiring inspirational short stories for children. Once upon an era, there was a tiny girl named Emily. She came from a musical family. Her father was a renowned pianist in his early years and later was a music instructor. Her mother, however, was a performer and composer. Emily’s older brother was a Cello and part of the church’s choir. However, Emily wasn’t like the other brothers. She was unable to play any instrument.

“You have to be an instrument that you’re playing. Why aren’t you able to do it?” his father said to Emily. Every time he pushed Emily to learn to play the piano. This was a massive pain for Emily every time. Emily felt that she wasn’t part of her family. It was her dream to become just like the rest of them. However, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to.

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Every evening, Emily spent time sketching or drawing and painting. Her paintings depicted her father on the piano and his brother on the Cello as well as her mother performing on the stage. Her paintings looked like the emotions were real. The paintings revealed how much her family was devoted to music. The paintings also revealed the things Emily was skilled at.

But her family did not even know. The only thing they knew was that Emily was unable to sing and play one musical instrument. And they weren’t happy with her at all. Emily was a lover of her loved ones. She loved them dearly. She wanted to be proud of them someday. How could this happen when she wasn’t able to do what they asked her to accomplish?

The answer was found when one teacher of Emily was able to see her aptitude for arts. Emily began participating in various arts and sports activities as well as competitions. Her talent was awe-inspiring to all. She received awards and medals for her outstanding artwork. When her parents heard about her art work, they cut off pushing Emily to play music. They adored her art and other works. She finally discovered her style.

MORAL: Being different doesn’t mean that you aren’t blessed with any potential or talent. Being different simply means that you have something special to share with the world. Do not try to be the same as EVERYBODY and try to be part of a specific group. Be yourself. Simply being you creates the difference and makes you distinct.

Here’s a visual illustration from one of those best inspirational short stories, “Emily- A Girl Who Couldn’t Fit In Story”. Watch the story in video below.

     Inspirational Short Stories Video

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