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Six Blind Men And The Elephant – Funny Stories To Tell

This is one of the most funny stories to tell kids. This is the tale of six blind men and the elephant. Six Blind friends chose to attend an event for trade. They heard people screaming, “Look, an elephant is approaching. Let’s go on a ride with the elephant!” When the elephant was near, the group began to wonder about the characteristics of an elephant.

Each one of them approached the elephant. First, the blind guy put their hands over his ample stomach. He stated, “An elephant is like a wall.” The second blind man stood close to the tusk of an elephant. He was able to touch it and stated, “An elephant is smooth and pointed towards the point. It’s as if it’s an axe!” The third blind man swung his hands around the elephant’s legs and declared, “You people are talking absurd! The elephant is the pilaster.”

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The third blind man brushed the elephant’s trunk. He could feel it move. He stated, “No, No, I’m not!An elephant is the size of a snake.” The fifth man was close to the tail and asked, “What are you all saying?An elephant is similar to rope.” The sixth man reached out to touch the elephant’s ears and said, “You all are wrong.An elephant is the biggest admirer!” Each of them believed that they were all right in their way.

MORAL: Do not force our views on other people.

Here’s a quick visual representation that tells one of the best funny stories to tell kids “six blind men and the elephant”. Check out the video story below.


Six Blind Men And The Elephant Story Video

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