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The Clever Tortoise – Funny Short Stories

Funny Short Stories! In our busy and exhausting life, we are all looking for some peace and funny things to assist us in relaxing. We’ll be bringing together the most entertaining funny stories that are available in English.

This is among the most funny short stories to read for kids. Once was the time there was a dense forest. Within the forest was a clever but stupid fox. Everyone was sleeping after having lunch. Mr. Fox was very hungry because he was deficient in food. He couldn’t find any prey to consume.” Oh! My stomach!” cried the fox. He walked through the dense forest, looking for food.

Then, he spotted him and his companion the Mr. Tortoise, on a riverbank. He quickly walked up to him and snatched the latter. Mr. Tortoise was afraid and was not sure the best way to respond. However, he was not capable of eating the food. What was the reason? This is because the shell was extremely hard and firm. However, he had an excellent idea! The tortoise was saying, “Mr. Fox You can soak me in water and my shell will soften, and you can eat me with pleasure.”

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The Fox was extremely stupid. He believed in the tortoise and said “Okay!’ and threw the tortoise into the river. The tortoise flew away from the Fox and then swam towards safety. So, it was saved. The Fox was so foolish that he didn’t even know that he was being fooled by the tortoise. The tortoise laughed and said, “Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Here’s a short visual illustration of one of the top funny short stories suitable for kids, ” The Clever Tortoise.” Watch the story in the video below.

   The Clever Tortoise Story Video

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