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Category: Animal Stories

This is animals story in english which has been inspired by the Philippine Folktale. Once upon a time, a hawk fell in love with a hen. Every day when the hawk would fly above in the sky, he would see the hen walk around on the ground. “I shall marry the hen,” he thought. Then one […]

This is one of the great short animal stories with moral values for kids. A long time ago, a blind vulture lived in the hollow of the tree on the banks of the river. A number of other birds had also

This is one of the awesome happy animal stories for children. Once upon a time, in a forest lived a bear. This bear was a greedy one! Wherever he went, he wanted the biggest thing. One day, when the bear woke up in the afternoon, his stomach groaned loudly. “Oh dear, I am extremely hungry!” So, […]

This is one of the most amazing Animal Story for kids to read. Once upon a time, there was a river that flowed through a deep forest. On one bank of the river, there lived a handsome and clever deer.

This is an amazing English story for kids to read. There was a big handsome magpie. He was always ashamed of living with other magpies. “How can a handsome magpie like me live with such ugly guys?” he wondered. So, one day, the handsome magpie went to the village of Eagles. “Great Eagle, would you […]

This is an amazing kids animal story to read. In a large oak tree, there lived a squirrel. His name was Dale. He was very lazy and never wanted to work. He always wanted to sleep, then eat, again slee

This is one of the awesome animal story with moral lesson for the little children. Once upon a time, there lived two cats. These two cats were good friends. One day, the two cats were wandering around. Suddenly, on a street, the two of them find a loaf of bread. They pick the loaf of […]
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