Short Moral Stories

10 Best Short Moral Stories for Kids + Moral Lesson

Explore the 10 best short moral stories for kids and learn valuable life lessons. These captivating tales are perfect for young minds.

Moral stories are a great way to teach your child about right and wrong. These ten stories with moral will help them understand what they should do and not do.

Short Moral Stories for Kids

1- The Lion that Sprang to life ( A good short story )

The Lion that Sprang to life – classic moral stories

This is the story of four smart buddies. But Subuddhi, the fourth one, wasn’t all that brainy or clever like the other three pals, but he had something they didn’t have – common sense!

One day, three of the buddies decided to take a grand adventure to faraway lands to search for jobs! They wanted to make money for all the studying they’d done in books and classes. After all, why study so much if you can’t get something out of it? The three friends didn’t want to bring Subuddhi ’cause he wasn’t very smart, but since he was their buddy from way back, they said he could come too.

The four friends set out on an amazing adventure, traveling from one place to another to find a way to get coins! As they were walking through a spooky forest, they spotted a pile of bones under a tree. They figured it was the perfect chance to show off their skills!

The first pal used their talents to put the bones together like a puzzle and made a skeleton! Then the second buddy said a special chant and the skeleton got covered with skin and fur – it looked like a lion that was taking a nap! Right when the third buddy was about to finish the performance by reviving the lion, the fourth buddy stopped him. Subuddhi knew that once the mean lion was brought back to life, it wouldn’t go easy on them!

But the third friend didn’t listen to Subuddhi’s advice at all. They laughed at him and decided to do something that Subuddhi thought was a really bad idea. Subuddhi was so scared he scurried up a tree, and the third friend started chanting which made the lion come back to life! The fourth friend was right – the lion ate up all three of the smart friends and Subuddhi ran back to the village, safe and sound!

Moral of the story: “Having knowledge without being sensible is like having a toy with no batteries!”

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2- Against All Odds ( Short moral stories for kids )

Against All Odds – story books

Reading to older kids is a great way to give them life lessons that they can get! Plus, it’s never been easier to find awesome stories with good morals!

Kartik loves football so much! He’s so good at it, even though he only has one arm! He’s always dreaming about football and it’s the only thing he ever talks about. His whole world is football, and it’s so inspiring!

Kartik and Kavya were really sad when they had to move from Kolkata to Rourkela, because they had to say goodbye to their best friends. Kartik was especially scared because he was worried that the kids at his new school wouldn’t understand that he has a disability. Sadly, he isn’t accepted by the others, seen as different even though he’s just like them, trying really hard to find a friend.

Moral of the story: “Keep on tryin’!” Never give up.

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3- The Boy Who Cried Wolf ( One of the best short moral stories )

The Boy Who Cried Wolf – short stories with morals

A boy and his daddy lived in a cute village. While the woolly sheep munched away in the meadows, Daddy told the boy to watch over them. Every day, the boy had to take the fluffy sheep to the green pastures! “The boy was bored and wanted to have some fun. He screamed, “Wolf! Wolf!” and the village rushed out with stones to scare the wolf away before it ate the sheep!”

The villagers grumbled and groaned when they realized the boy had tricked them and there was no wolf. But the next day, the boy hollered cheerfully, “Woooooooolf! Wooooooooolf!” and the villagers rushed over with excitement, ready to scare off the big, bad wolf!

The villagers stomped away madly this time. On the third day, as the little boy scrambled up the small hill, he saw a wolf attacking his sheep. “WOLFFFFF!!! WOLFFFFF!!! WOLFFFFF!!!” he yelled as loud as he possibly could, but no one came to help him. The villagers thought he was trying to fool them again, so they stayed away. That day, the little boy made a big mistake and a bunch of his sheep ran away.

Moral of the story: “Tell the truth all the time, ’cause if you don’t, who knows what could happen!”

4- The Ant and The Grasshopper

The Ant and The Grasshopper – short stories for kids

A silly grasshopper was hopping and bopping around in a meadow on a sunny day, chirruping and singing his little heart out. An ant marched by, pulling a kernel of corn to his house with lots of hard work.

“Why not take a break from all the hard work and come play with me?” the Grasshopper asked excitedly!

“I’m storing food for winter, it’s so much fun! I think you should do it too, the Ant said with a smile!”

The Grasshopper said, “Yippee! We have lots of food, so why should we worry about winter?”

The Ant continued to work hard. When winter came, the poor Grasshopper didn’t have any food and ended up starving, while the Ants shared their yummy stored-up corn and grain!

Moral of the story: Every effort and toil leads to a yummy reward!

5- The Midas Touch

The Midas Touch – english story for kids

King Midas, a figure from Ancient Greek mythology, is the subject of this English story for children. Known for his immense wealth and devoted love for his daughter, Midas enjoyed all the riches he could have ever desired and more.

One day, Dionysus’ loyal satyr, Silenus, fell asleep in King Midas’ garden. Because Midas thought that satyrs were lucky, he ignored his family’s warnings and let Silenus stay in his palace until he woke up again.

When Dionysus heard about Midas’ super nice act for his pal, he thought he would give the rich king a special present. Midas asked if anything he touched could turn to gold and even though Dionysus knew it would probably cause a big ol’ mess, he said yes anyway! Midas was so excited he couldn’t help himself! He was running all around the palace and garden, touching everything he could get his hands on. When he picked up an apple, it magically turned into a sparkly golden apple! Everyone was amazed!

Midas was so excited that he couldn’t contain himself – he gave his daughter a big hug, but then remembered the curse – anything he touched would turn to gold! Suddenly, his daughter was a golden statue! Midas was so sad, he ran straight to Dionysus and begged God to help him and make his daughter alive again. Obeying his wish, Dionysus rescued his daughter and took away all of Midas’ powers too, saying it was for the better. Midas had been taught a lesson and was happy with what he had for the rest of his life.

Moral of the story: “Don’t be a hog, be thankful for what you got!”

6- The Hare and The Tortoise

6- The Hare and The Tortoise – great moral stories for kids

Once upon a time, there was a speedy Hare who liked to show off. The Tortoise, sick of his bragging, asked him to race. All the creatures in the forest wanted to see what would happen!

The Hare hopped along the road for a while before stopping to take a break. “If you keep going this slow, how do you think you’ll ever win the race?” he shouted to the tortoise.

“The Hare stretched out by the road and snuggled in for a snooze, thinking to himself, ‘I have heaps of time for a nap!'”

The Tortoise stomped and stomped and stomped until he got to the finish line. All the animals clapped and cheered so loudly for the Tortoise that the Hare jolted awake! The Hare stretched and yawned, then off it hopped! But it was oh-so-sad, ’cause the Tortoise had already won the race. You may also like The Clever Tortoise – Funny Short Stories

Moral of the story: “Slow and steady gets the prize!”

7- The Thirsty Crow

The Thirsty Crow – classic story

This timeless moral stories has been passed down through generations, becoming a staple of childhood memories.

A thirsty little crow flew around the village looking for water. Everywhere he looked, he couldn’t find any. He searched high and low, but he still couldn’t find any water. After a long time of searching, he finally came across a pitcher filled with water. But the water level was too low and his beak was too short to reach it!

He tried to push the pitcher over, but it was way too heavy! The crow was so sad and he was about to fly away to look for water somewhere else. But then he saw some rocks and he got a great idea!

The crow picked up a pebble and plopped it into the vessel. He did this again and again until the water was high enough for him to drink. He gulped down the liquid from the top and flew away feeling content and joyful!

Moral of the story: If you really wanna do something, you can find a way!

8- The Fox And The Grapes

The Fox And The Grapes – teach moral lesson

One time, a foxy-woxy was sooooooo hungry, and he went on a big hunt for something yummy! He looked up high, and looked down low, but he just couldn’t find any grub to munch on!

Suddenly, he heard his tummy grumbling! He meandered over to a farmer’s wall and spotted the most perfect, plump grapes up at the top. They were such a deep, yummy purple that the fox knew they would taste delicious!

The fox had to jump really high to try and get to the grapes. He jumped and opened his mouth wide, but he couldn’t catch them. He tried one more time, but he still couldn’t get them.

He kept trying again and again, but still couldn’t get it right!

At last, the fox was done trying and he was ready to go home. “I bet those grapes were yucky anyways,” he said as he trotted off.

Moral of the story: “Don’t be sad about what we can’t get; nothing is ever free!”

9- The Clever Monkey

The Clever Monkey – kids loved

Once upon a time, a curious monkey was living in a tree full of yummy, juicy berries! One day, a big crocodile swam up to the tree and said he was so tired from his long journey.

The crocodile was sooooooo hungry and was looking for something to eat. When he told the nice monkey this, the monkey gave him some yummy berries and the crocodile was so grateful. He asked the monkey if he could come back soon for some delicious fruit and the monkey said yes!

The croc came back the very next day, and the one after that. Pretty soon, it was like they were seeing each other every single day! They became great pals and talked about all sorts of things – just like all good friends do – and shared all their secrets.

The crocodile told the monkey about his wife who lived far away on the other side of the river. So, the kind monkey offered the crocodile some extra yummy berries to take home to his wife.

The croc and the monkey started to be really good buddies and they shared some yummy berries. The monkey was really kind and gave the croc a bunch of extra berries to take home and give to his wife. But the croc’s wife was a little bit jealous since they were becoming such close pals.

She wished that their friendship was over forever. She started to wonder if the monkey ate so many of those yummy berries, then his meat must be really yummy. So, she asked the crocodile to bring his friend over for a yummy dinner.

The crocodile said no because he knew his wife was being naughty. But, she was still determined to eat the monkey’s yummy meat!

She acted like she was sick and told the crocodile that her doctor said the only way she wouldn’t die was if she had a monkey’s heart. So the crocodile ran to the monkey’s tree and fibbed, saying that his wife had made them a yummy meal.

The monkey was so excited to hop on the crocodile’s back! But soon halfway, the monkey saw that the crocodile was sinking and got a bit scared. He asked his new friend, “Why are you going down like that?” The crocodile answered him honestly.

The clever monkey said to him that it was a sad thing to happen because he forgot his heart back home. If the crocodile brought him back, he’d be happy to give his heart to help the crocodile’s wife get better.

The silly crocodile fell for the monkey’s tricky fib and hurried back to the tree so he could capture the monkey’s heart. As soon as they got there, the monkey quickly hopped up to safety and shouted to the crocodile to tell his wife that she married a silly one! Read full story.

Moral of the story: “Stay chill and think smart to get out of sticky spots!”

10- The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg – one golden egg

Once upon a time, there was a farmer and his wife who had a very special goose. Every single day, the goose would lay a golden egg! The golden egg provided enough money for the farmer and his wife to get all the things they needed. They were so happy and it lasted for a very, very long time.

The farmer was having a thought one day and said to himself, “What if we take all the eggs at once instead of just one? That way we can make a lot more money!” He told his wife the idea and she thought it was a great plan!The next day, the farmer was super excited when he saw the goose had laid a golden egg. He grabbed a knife and quickly slashed open the goose’s tummy, hoping to find a treasure trove of golden eggs inside. But, all he found was yucky stuff like guts and blood.

The farmer quickly realized he had done something silly and started to bawl over what he had lost. As time went on, the farmer and his wife got poorer and poorer. How unlucky and silly they were!

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Moral of the story: “Don’t do anything ’til you think it through!”


These are some examples of moral stories that are both appropriate for children and effective in teaching them about right and wrong behavior. By reading and discussing these stories, children will learn about the importance of behaving in a responsible andrespectful manner, as well as the consequences of making bad choices.

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