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The Last Forest


The Last Forest Short Story For Kids

There once was a rabbit named Floria who lived with her ​​four pups in a burrow deep, cold one when heat pressed and aconchegadora on the days that wind that makes the skeleton to any living being walked to shake loose the hills and valleys nearby.

Food was something that rarely worried Floria. Enough to get out of his den door and not lacked fresh shoots, tenrinhos, appetizing to make the mouth water any more greedy coelhote. Only in the late summer, before the first rains, when vegetation began to turn yellow, is that Floria rabbit, after taking precautions, ventured to the gardens of men.

When he returned, with a tummy full of sprouts, green beans, lettuce …, passed through the embers in front of the threshold of your door rings. This nap was more appetizing to her and not changed for the best thing in the world. When he woke spent several minutes to stretch out.

Anyway … had what we like to call life one self-indulgence.

Had, because in the last days walking nervous! Listened, with increasing force, a strange noise, strange, disturbing … far away, for now. This mysterious noise began to worry her. Mainly because I was sure that that disturbing … vroom, vroom … vroom … every day approached over its lair.

That afternoon he could not take a nap and found himself sitting on the doorstep when he saw his neighbor Anafada, a very plump hare which measured almost as wide as long and passing, leisurely, a few feet below. Asked him:

– Look there, that infernal noises they hear are those there for the sides of the gardens?

– I do not know. I was quenching thirst at the brook and a group of foxes was under the old chestnut, I think those were living there for bands Cabeço, say, with an air of worried, who will spend here a very wide road !!!

– What ?! Well I would say that the heart was not anything good! But I had faith that it was not so tragic! What-being of us? What will happen to my children? – Told Floria rabbit with a trembling voice and tears sustained for the cost.

– I have been thinking about it. And I can barely drag myself. Glad I do not have puppies. But we have to be quiet, if there is some solution-arranging.

– As ?! Do not you see that we are surrounded and trapped by houses, gardens, crops, plants, the dam … I dunno what else! Besides this, I know no other place where we can survive!

– Foxes were also saying the same thing! However … maybe someone more traveled, more knowledgeable of distant lands, meet some forest, however small, where no major surprises and few dangers, able to arrange a hole – said the hare putting into practice all his experience throughout his long life.

– God willing, yes. I will look into. I’m so worried, more for my kids than for me, that not feel like talking. See you tomorrow.

– Until tomorrow and take it easy – too fired up to Anafada hare.

The doe came in and closed the door. When your puppies felt the noise of the lock came to embrace his mother. The most little man, named Smarts, which used to not let “make a nest behind the ear”, asked:

– Mom, why are you so nervous and with eyes so red?

– I saw down there a huge dog, almost as big as a donkey !! – Apologized to Floria rabbit.

– It should not be so! Have been many dogs to sniff and sentinel at our door and you never had fear! – Insisted the Smarts son.

– But this dog was very big, bigger than a donkey !!

– If it was so great we stayed fresher! – Smarts said with great calm.

– Why? – Asked the three brothers at the same time.

– Now this! Because it does not fit in the door and can not get in here – Smarts replied with an air of great sage.

– You are right! – Said their brothers simultaneously. – Go, it’s time to go to sleep – interrupted the mother, giving the conversation to a close.

The pups quickly fell asleep but the rabbit could not sleep a wink. Tiptoe, opened the door and stepped out into the street. Not knowing where he was and what he was doing, leaned against a pine tree.

– Good evening Floria! – This was startled and unwittingly jumped. – Do not be afraid, it’s me, your friend Noitivanas snitch!

It is the usual story this hour away!

– Can not sleep! The Anafada said he will come by a massive road and I do not know where I will go with my children! – Lamented the Floria.

– Look what the hare is right! I thought you already knew. The machines should arrive here next week!

The rabbit could not sustain more tears, burst into loud wailing and began shouting:

– Oh my dear children! Oh my dear children!

– The Noitivanas down the pine if abeirou-his girlfriend, ran his wing by the snout and told him:

– What is this ?! Do not cry! As you know I travel a lot every night. Sometimes I go to a small forest, the last that still exists in this neighborhood and that is a league beyond the last house. Tomorrow you do the bags and the dead of night, you go through the village and seedlings you there with your little.

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