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The Frog Whose Belly Burst (Short Funny Story)

Short Funny Story For Kids

A short funny story for kids is the best way to bring joy to your child’s day. It will make them laugh and tell their parents about it. Children would instead take a bath than listen to a long, drawn-out fairy tale. You will be a hit with your neighborhood children if you have a funny story for kids that makes them laugh and tell you about it. I have a few that I would recommend to friends.

The Frog Whose Belly Burst

A baby frog saw a cow while playing in a field. The baby frog returned to his father, and he said that he had seen a horrible monster. He is bigger than the mountain. He is four feet tall and has horns on the top of his head. The father frog replied, “My son!” It’s an ox that stays on the farm! The baby frog said, “I’ve never seen such a horrible monster before.” You can also read The Donkey In Lion’s Skin.

“Ha Ha Ha!” It’s not that big. It’s only a little larger than me,” daddy frog said. The daddy frog took deep inhalations and puffed up his cheeks. He asked, “Was this an ox as large as this?” The baby frog nodded and replied, “Much larger than that.” The baby frog let out air and inflated his belly. “No!” “No! It’s much bigger!

The father frog ingested more air, and his stomach and entire body grew in size. “Was this son as big?” The son answered, “No!” It’s much bigger than that! You can also read The Strange Egg.

The daddy frog ate as much air as possible to increase his size and show off his accomplishments. He mumbled, “Probably an ox wasn’t as big.” Bowwow! Bang! Before he could finish, his stomach burst. “Oh, my stomach!” Poor stomach! Ahhhh!” The father frog cried. “Oh, daddy!” The young frog cried out.

This visual representation of A short funny story for kids, “The Frog With the Belly Burst.” Check out the video below.

This funny short story for kids has become very popular over the years. Most people only look up things on a search engine and never go any further until they come across this story. You can find this story on several different kids’ YouTube channels as well. You will not get a lot of content on this story on kids’ YouTube, but it is still a very entertaining short funny story for kids that anyone of any age can enjoy.


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