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A Small Bowl of Rice Story for Kids This is the story of a miser who lived in a large mansion, perched on a barren hill. One day something happened that changed his life forever. The man’s house was very old and full of drafts. The miser lived alone, except for a few servants and […]

The Two Donkeys Story for Children Two thousand years ago, lived in Bethlehem, two donkeys, one brown and the other gray. Belonged to a miller and created this never gave them rest, making them work a

The Silver Star Children Story A tree here that I know – we know – are a silver star and a crystal ball. – What do we do here? – Asked the star. – We are spruce – answered the ball. – What is grace? – Asked the star. – You do view attire alindar […]

The Great Warrior Story for Children Upright in his steed, the Great Warrior rode at a gallop when suddenly, the snow began to fall and cover it with a thick white blanket. In this remote and lonely p

The Badguerd Bath Short Story For Kids The Queen Housan Banou reigned in Shahabad. It was beautiful and much loved by Prince Mounir, but did not feel able to make the heart glad this man of great valu

The chained elephant Short Story For Kids When I was little, I was enchanted by the magical world of the circus. Excited to see me up close each animal traveling in a caravan from town to town. During the show, everything seemed wonderful and breathtaking, but the appearance of the elephant was always my favorite […]

The Hapless prince Short Story For Kids There once was a prince. Like all princes, lived in a palace in the middle of a huge park. His name was Henry. Henry was a very spoiled prince. Anything she wan

The Last Forest Short Story For Kids There once was a rabbit named Floria who lived with her ​​four pups in a burrow deep, cold one when heat pressed and aconchegadora on the days that wind that m

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