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The Apple Tree Story for Children On Monday, the sky was blue and white spring clouds passed quietly in the sky. In the orchard, the trees lift their branches as if to pull the clouds. On Tuesday the

The Throne Chair That Would Be Children Short Story This chair had his feet firmly on the ground. It was a somewhat unbalanced chair, as will appreciate. Nothing to distinguish thousands of other modest chairs, crudely painted to fool the weevil. Had four legs, good size seat and a very straight back, which made ​​her […]

The Two Donkeys Story for Children Two thousand years ago, lived in Bethlehem, two donkeys, one brown and the other gray. Belonged to a miller and created this never gave them rest, making them work a

The Great Warrior Story for Children Upright in his steed, the Great Warrior rode at a gallop when suddenly, the snow began to fall and cover it with a thick white blanket. In this remote and lonely place, not seen where shelter. Only the Dark Cave could serve as a safe haven. So the Great […]

The Badguerd Bath Short Story For Kids The Queen Housan Banou reigned in Shahabad. It was beautiful and much loved by Prince Mounir, but did not feel able to make the heart glad this man of great valu

The Hapless prince Short Story For Kids There once was a prince. Like all princes, lived in a palace in the middle of a huge park. His name was Henry. Henry was a very spoiled prince. Anything she wanted was given to him. Nevertheless, he was not happy. Never laughed or cried. Parents, the king […]
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