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The Dog And The Rabbit

This is one of the best short animal stories with moral for kids. Once upon a time in a jungle, there lived a dog and a rabbit. Also, read The Hare And The Hound.

One day, they were sitting under the tree. The dog was telling the rabbit about a new tiger who had come to live in the jungle. The dog told the rabbot, “The tiger is very smart. He catches all the small animals and eats them!” The rabbit was scared after listening to the dog.

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The rabbit said, “Dear friend, I know just one trick to save myself. I need to learn some new tricks!” To this, the dog replied, “I know plenty of tricks. I can jump around the bushes, I can run very fast, I can hide under the trees, I can even dig up the sand and bury myself in it. Since know many tricks, I will definitely save myself from the tiger.”

The poor rabbit he requested the dog to teach a few tricks. He said, “Can you please teach one of those tricks. I just know one! I need to learn more of the tricks!” The dog laughed and said, “My tricks are for the intelligent animals. You are not an intelligent animalss. Why should I teach you all the tricks?” The rabbit got sad.
Suddenly, he saw that the tiger was coming towards them. Slowly and slowly, the tiger was approaching them. The rabbit told the dog, “See, the tiger is coming. I am going to use my trick and climb up the tree. You also save yourself using your tricks and then we will meet after the tiger is gone!” You may also like to read, The Greedy Dog Story.
Soon, rabbit quickly climbed the tree. When the tiger came near the dog, the dog started running around here and there. He hid under the portion but the tiger found him. Unfortunately, tiger got him and pounced at him.
If the dog would have shared his knowledge with the rabbit, then the rabbit would have somehow saved him. The rabbit had saved his life by climbing the tree but the dog did not know that trick. So, if they had shared each other’s thought, they would have stayed together for their lives. Also, read Rabbit And Lion Story.

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