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A Frog Grows Up

This is one of the amazing short stories for kids to read. Momma Frog sat on her lily pad. She was looking at the pictures of her adorable, little frog. It was hard to believe that her little frog would turn five years old soon. He had changed so much since he started out as a little egg.

While she was looking at the pictures, her little frog hopped onto her lily pad. “What are you looking at, Momma Frog?” he asked. “I’m looking at baby pictures of you,” she replied. “My, how you have changed?” “Look at this picture!” Momma Frog said. “That’s you when you were just a teeny, tiny egg. I can barely see you under the water.” Also, read Tiddalick The Frog.

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“Did I really fit into that teeny, tiny egg?” her little frog asked. “Yes, you did,” Momma Frog replied. “But you didn’t stay in for long. After a few weeks, you outgrew your egg and became a little tadpole.” Momma Frog showed her little frog a picture of him as a tadpole. “Did I really look like that, Momma Frog?” he laughed. “I was long and slimy, and I had a tail!”

“I think you were a very cute tadpole,” Momma Frog said. “But as you just didn’t stay in your egg for long, you weren’t a tadpole for long. You ate lots and lots of algae and soon, you grew into a frog.” “So, one day, I had a tail, and one day, I didn’t?” her little frog asked. “Well, not quite,” Momma Frog laughed. “It did take a little time.”
“How did it happen?” asked her little frog. “First, you started to grow your back legs,” Mom Frog replied. “Then, you started to grow your front legs!” “And then, I was all grown up?” her little frog asked. “Not quite,” Momma Frog said. “Your head and body got a little bigger. Then, your tail disappeared.” You may also like to read, Two Frogs In A Milk Pail.
“And then, I was all grown up?” her little frog asked. “Not quite!” Momma Frog said again. “Did you notice that you’re in water in all these pictures? You had to grow lungs so you could come out of water.” “And then, I was all grown up?” her little frog asked. “Yes, and then you were all grown up,” Momma Frog said. “But to me, you’ll always be a little frog.”
Momma Frog gave her little frog a kiss on the head and sent him off to play.
Here is a short visual depiction of one of the awesome short stories for kids to read “Frog Grows Up“. See the video story below,
Short Stories For Kids To Read Video

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