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Author: Kids Story

The Three Little Pigs Fairy Tale Once there was a sow that had three little pigs. She was old and could not support the litter, so she told them to go and find their luck. The first little pig walked, walked until he found a man carrying a bundle of straw, and said to him, […]
snow white and the seven dwarfs short story – good stories for kids snow white short story Long ago, in a faraway kingdom, lived one king, one queen and her daughter, the Princess Snow White. Your skin was white as snow, lips red as blood and black hair like ebony. One day, the queen became […]

John and Mary – Good Stories for Kids In the middle of a forest, many years ago, there were two kind brothers. The Johnny and Mary. They lived in a cabin and although poor people, they were very

Good Stories For Kids Once. . . many years ago, a spacious yard, where they lived several birds, owner very friendly paw was shocking her brood. A day began to break. . .crac! crack! One by one, the d

Stories Online For Kids The story that we read is that of the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf, and as we see here, only one of them is not silly, because the other two almost lose their lives, creating judgment after the beast was unsuccessful. Once there were three little pigs. Cicero, Hector and […]
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